OWWN is a Berlin-based startup revolutionizing the way we connect with our surroundings by creating a social map that merges the digital and physical realms. With OWWN, you're always in the know about the top local spots, activities, and trends. In just a few months, our team has designed an entire UI/UX from scratch.

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Vibrant map

We developed a 3D map that would offer users a delightful experience while exploring the city and discovering the latest hotspots. A visual system effectively showcases all important details about a location, such as its category, image, and list of friends who have already visited the place.

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Tag-based search

An intuitive tag-based search interface simplifies the experience of exploring a city. Users can input any desired parameters into the search bar, ranging from price range to specific place or city names. Furthermore, search results can be filtered to include only places visited by either one or all of your friends.

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Genuine content

Our app is centered on the idea of "moments". We understand that our users are not only interested in discovering new places but also in collecting and sharing those moments with their friends.

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