Pixel Art Creator

Pixel Art Creator


Our core idea was to develop a simple app for a fast-growing NFT market. We did research and found a low-competitive category with a high volume of traffic — Art Makers.



Art Makers — a kind of app that helps people without any art-related background make their first NFT in a few simple steps. A typical app in the category allows users to create art based on a chosen photo and customize it with a set of effects and stickers.

There are some common visual styles you can find on NFT marketplaces. We decided to focus on pixel art due to some significant reasons:

- pixel art is one of the most popular and high-paying styles on NFT marketplaces.
- there were no pixel art editors in the NFT category when we started working on a project.
- pixel art doesn't require drawing skills, so anyone can start making their own.
- the low resolution of images makes future experiments possible: we can generate 3D models, play with Machine Learning algorithms, etc.



We started our project with a standard list of features. In the first step, users can choose any photo on their smartphone, reduce its resolution, remove/change the background and apply some filters. Then, edit the image pixel-by-pixel in an editor. And the last step in our app is a generator that converts an image into a rotating 3D model.



We used CoreImage and CoreGraphics for any manipulations with photos. Instead of the default pixelating CI filter, we use a sharpening 3x3 convolutional layer. The layer highlight details in the photo, add sharpness, and make it look more cartoonish. The pixel-by-pixel editor was implemented from scratch.

As an additional feature, we implemented a 3D renderer with SceneKit. Model for a final render builds from voxels right in the app. The rendering process usually takes around 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, we are not able to implement the blockchain part at this moment, so users can’t mint their NFT in the app, however, we provide detailed instructions about a minting process.


During the last months, we were working on optimization in the AppStore: checking different keywords, rewriting texts, comparing banners, and the app interface's appearance. We designed three optional banners, localized them for six languages, and started testing, we prepared videos for every option so we can check if animation in banners influent of conversion rate.

Rarible is one of the most popular requests in our category. We decided to change the color scheme and logo of the app to get users loyal to Rarible 


Future implementations

At this moment we're working on the app redesign. The main challenge is to increase retention and attract a new audience. We decided to implement a social network in the app, so we created a 'loop' where our users are always engaged and have a sense of belonging to the NFT community. Also, we refocus the app from pixel art to a range of NFT styles. Due to a new user flow, we reworked an app design.

Group 1879
Group 1878


Vladislav Likh, Design & iOS development
Nikita Velichko, iOS development & ASO
Alexander Kirichenko, Project management & localization

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