I am assisting the design department of GLS Germany in reinventing the delivery experience. Together, we are developing new approaches to make the service smooth, innovative, and delightful.


Tracking experience

We updated the parcel tracking experience, making the process more casual, emotional, and personal. The project went through two stages. In the first stage, we reworked the typography, informational hierarchy, and eliminated unnecessary information. In the second stage, we reimagined the entire experience using a dynamic modular system that adapts to user needs at every stage of the tracking process.

Frame 1171276397
Frame 1171276386

Tag-based search

An intuitive tag-based search interface simplifies the experience of exploring a city. Users can input any desired parameters into the search bar, ranging from price range to specific place or city names. Furthermore, search results can be filtered to include only places visited by either one or all of your friends.


Genuine content

Our app is centered on the idea of "moments". We understand that our users are not only interested in discovering new places but also in collecting and sharing those moments with their friends.

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