Initial research and the concept

In a series of apps, we are planning to create in order to support civil rights, our first app is dedicated to freedom of peaceful assembly. During the initial phase of the research, our team collected existing data, and also interviewed a lawyer and some people recently detained at protests.

We came across some problems that could be solved with a mobile app: immediate informing about the fact of the detention, detainee's current geolocation tracking, providing instruction and guidance to the detainees and their loved ones

Lo-Fi prototype and qualitative tests

Our app helps civil activists instantly inform their trusted contacts about a fact of detention and share their current location. We also provide instructions for detainees and their supporters.

During qualitative tests, testers had a 100% success rate and, it took them a relatively short period of time for the SOS mode launch. However, testers were confused about check-in mode, navigation, and privacy. We also discovered that the SOS button wasn’t really perceived as a button


Hi-Fi, visual identity

In the Hi-Fi prototype, we fixed the problems discovered during the qualitative tests and tried a few optional solutions for different interface elements.

As a result, we decided to use the slider for the SOS button, designed additional screens, reworked onboarding pages, created our color scheme and visual style


Development, TestFlight

We implemented the application with SwiftUI and Alamofire. At this stage, we decided to use Twilio as an external service for SMS notifications.

After releasing on TestFlight, we had around one hundred unique installs and almost two hundred sessions with one crash only


The app was localized for English, Russian and French languages. We worked with the tone of voice to reduce the user's anxiety level


Future implementations

After the testing, we came up with some advancements:

— We're planning to work on a full-fledged back-end part because it'd help us reduce the cost per notification and extend functionality
— Redesign the color scheme and the app's look and feel

— Change the app's name for some markets.

At this moment, we're extending the functionality and preparing the app for full-fledged testing



Vladislav Likh
Design, iOS development

Natalia Kuznetsova
Product management, iOS developer

Nikita Velichko
iOS development, ASO

Alexander Kirichenko

Saida Rzaeva
Business, marketing