I redesigned the Contour Diabetes website to tackle its usability issues, streamline structure and navigation, and enhance product presentation.



I reworked the information architecture for easier navigation, transforming product pages into conversion-optimized landing pages.

Frame 1171276432
Frame 1171276433

Visual Style

I updated the design system, significantly enhancing website usability. A new, high-contrast color scheme, pictograms and product renders improve navigability, directing user focus effectively.

Frame 11712763932
Frame 1171276405-2
Frame 1171276393
Frame 1171276392

Main page

I redesigned the main page, implement pagination for product anounces and ad campaigns, updated product cards, and a resource hub packed with valuable articles and videos about diabetes management.


Product page

A product page, now with easy-to-use pagination for smooth navigation between devices. Each product is showcased with its main advantages highlighted for clarity.

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