Winc Academy. Visual Identity


Winc is a Netherland-based academy offering affordable IT courses with a focus on a personalized educational approach. In this project, our primary goal was to renew their existing visual identity and make the visual language modern, clear, and friendly.

We came up with an idea of a brand character/patronus. The creature that supports students during their educational adventures.

Frame 78660089755
Frame 786600893_2
Frame 786600892_2

The character's facial structure resembles that of a search bar, with its features crafted from familiar coding symbols such as arrows and underscores. The character exhibits a range of facial expressions and body types.

Frame 78660089855
Frame 786600894)255
Frame 786600895-2
Frame 786600893_2123_123
Frame 786600892_2654
Frame 786600896 -3
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